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Mary’s Gone Crackers Launches Three New Vegan Flavors

Sep 2, 2020 BY: Tammie Ortlieb

Mary’s Gone crackers—gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, and plant-based snack brand—announced the launch of three new Real Thin flavors: Olive Oil + Cracked Black Pepper, Tomato + Basil, and Chipotle. This adds to their already robust product line of over 15 varieties.


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“Our new flavors expand upon one of our most popular lines to grow consumers’ options for healthful yet delicious snacks rooted in real nutrition,” said Mary’s Gone Crackers vice president of sales, Jason Galante. “We are really proud of our new varieties and will continue making strides towards innovation in the gluten-free and healthy snack categories.”

The Real Thin Crackers pack loads of flavor and nutrition into their real thin shape. The new varieties include:

  • Chipotle – earthy, sweet, and smoky with a spicy kick to finish.
  • Tomato & Basil – a classic pairing of tangy, sweet, and savory—just add mozzarella!
  • Olive Oil & Cracked Black Pepper – rich and fruity olive notes combined with the sharp woody notes of black pepper, a winning combo!

Mary’s Gone Crackers commits to using only real, whole ingredients to ensure uncompromised quality of toasted perfection.

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Mary’s Gone Crackers Launches Three New Vegan Flavors

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