“As soon as the pandemic happened, food service went to zero,” said Tarush. He had product stocked that didn’t get used because the demand from restaurants like August 1 Five, Greens and Rooh just wasn’t there anymore. But Tarush always wanted to have a diversified approach to supply. They were still able to ship their cheese, and retail business went up. Tarush knew he wanted to be in grocery stores and in accessible places for a variety of consumers.

Sach Food co-owners doing a cheese demo
Jasleen (left) and Tarush Agarwal doing a demo pre-pandemic. (Courtesy of Tarush Agarwal)

By June, Sach was in 47 Whole Foods stores. The next month, they launched in Washington state and Oregon. In non-pandemic circumstances, the couple would be demo-ing their products in stores to familiarize customers. But, without samples, it’s been difficult to get people to find the paneer. On top of that, each store layout is different, said Tarush. So, even if a customer was looking to buy it, it’s hard to know where to point them.

Sach Paneer Scales During the Pandemic

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