Planty launched in 2019, with an initial focus on London as an experiment for its service before branching out to the rest of the UK.

The company offers a selection of frozen vegan meals delivered direct to consumers on selected delivery dates.  

The seed investment totals £160,000, of which Veg Capital has provided £150,000.  

The vegan market is proving attractive to investors. Former Mars Canada boss Don Robinson, who joined Eat Beyond, a new fund for plant-based food products, is looking to invest in global vegan companies​. 


Future plans

 Planty, which is founded by Andrea Cavallo, Ali Sheehan-Dare and Joe Lovell, will be expanding its range of meals and said it has plans for some future partnerships. 

Veg Capital is a specialist private venture fund that primarily provides early-stage Angel, Seed, and Series A funding, with investments typically ranging from £50,000 to £250,000. 

Veg Capital invests primarily in companies developing meat, dairy, eggs and seafood replacements with plant-based, recombinant and cultivated ingredients. It has already invested in plant-based brands including Mighty Pea, Native Snacks and One Planet Pizza. 



Planty co-founder and chief executive officer Cavallo said: “We are delighted to have Veg Capital on board. With their support, we will be able to aggressively execute our production roadmap, alongside accelerating the growth of our social and environmental mission.” 

Head of meal development and co-founder of Planty, Lovell, who has worked at some of London’s top restaurants including Petrus, added: “As well as creating 

Vegan frozen meals start-up wins funding for growth

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