As the harvest moon begins to work its magic, readers will follow a little girl and her cat as they enjoy the wonders this annual event offers before winter sets in. The perfect bedtime story, this book includes colorful illustrations and imaginative text.

Autumn and Winter Activities Come Rain or Shine

By Stefanie Pfister

Age group: 5 to 10 years old

Families looking for the perfect autumn activities will enjoy this book filled with step-by-step instructions. From creating pinecone gnomes to building nesting boxes for birds, this book includes both indoor and outdoor crafts and activities. For curious minds, this book also includes several fun facts about what makes fall and winter so unique.

The Great Big Pumpkin Cookbook

By Michalczyk Maggie

Age group: All ages

If you’re craving tasty fall treats, this is the book for you. With more than 50 pumpkin recipes that include gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian options, this book goes beyond pumpkin pie. From snacks to side dishes, breakfast, dinner and dessert, recipes include everything from pumpkin ginger oat bowls to lemon pumpkin soup and pumpkin donuts.

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