When it comes to our children, it’s a parent’s job to be supportive and to educate them where necessary.

And one teenager has found that out the hard way, after trying to force her lifestyle choice onto the rest of her family.

Sharing her story to Reddit, a mother explained how her 16-year-old daughter made the choice to become vegan about a year ago.

The family has tried to be as supportive as possible.

But when the daughter took it upon herself to throw out two batches of chilli beef that the mother had prepared to last a week, the parents were livid.

Accommodating parents

“We aren’t a family that eats meat daily, so it wasn’t hard for me to accommodate her,” the mother said in her post.

“When I do cook meat, I also make something else for her and keep the side dishes common for all.

“A few months into the vegan lifestyle, she tried to convince us to go vegan and would get increasingly angry when we said no.

Stock photo of a girl making a fresh vegetable salad on the kitchen.
Stock photo of a girl making a fresh vegetable salad on the kitchen. Credit: Getty Images

“My husband and I shut that behaviour down hard and told her that she can follow whatever diet she wanted, but she cannot expect others to.

“Last weekend, I cooked the family a big pot of chilli (a small vegan one and a large beef one), so that I can refrigerate it and use it for the next week.

“The next day, I found the fridge empty of both, and it turns out my daughter decided that we were being too callous about meat.”

Daughter’s complaints

The daughter said the smell was “too much”, and complained she couldn’t get anything from the fridge without gagging or puking.

She also told her mother all the vegan food in the fridge had to be thrown out and restocked.

“Wasting food is never okay with us and that was a lot of food,” the mother said.

“I told her I am going to continue using the vegan products in the fridge and she can either eat it or not – but I am not wasting food.

“That whole week, she kept making faces at dinner while she ate.”

Punishment for crime

As punishment, the mother decided to give her daughter a recipe to prepare – and the dish also included meat.

“I told her that wasting food is never okay in this house and pointed out that instead of x amount of meat being used, 2x amount of meat was used because she threw the food away,” she said.

“She started crying and yelling at me about how awful and disgusting I was because I not only forced her to buy meat but to cook it.”

Understanding consequences

While the mother was questioning if she had gone too far with her punishment, many social media users backed her up and considered the reaction fair.

“I am a vegan too and while I agree with your daughter’s lifestyle choice I do not agree with her approach in trying to recruit others,” one commenter said.

“She shouldn’t have thrown away your food. Sounds to me like you go out of your way to accommodate her.”

Reddit users defend mum who forced vegan daughter to cook meat as punishment

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