Photo of Rebel Cheese’s Pigless in Paris- Local Cake Thieves croissant filled with house made pig-less ham, Swiss, and cream cheese.

There’s nothing quite like a weekend brunch, that perfect middle point between breakfast and lunch on a lazy Saturday or Sunday, when there’s a little extra time to savor your down time. From pancakes covered in syrup, bagels topped with cream cheese and all the fixings, and even loaded breakfast burritos, Austin knows how to brunch. The best part? They’re known for their abundant vegan scene!

Stop hitting snooze, it’s brunch time! Now to choose which one you’ll be dining at first!

Rebel Cheese

Since their opening last year, Rebel Cheese has been taking over the vegan scene in Austin with their French-inspired, artisan all-vegan cheese shop. One of their main show stoppers: Brunch (Saturday and Sunday ONLY until 12:30pm)

Our top favorites: The Meatless Miracle- Savory breakfast meat-less sausage, creamy cheddar, harmless egg, on biscuit buttered with maple pecan butter

-The Sir Lox A lot- Marinated tomato lox, capers, cultured cream cheese, fresh herbs, and thinly sliced red onion on locally made Rockstar Bagel.

**We suggest getting a little bit everything and taking the spread to a park for a special brunch picnic. 😉

Mission Burrito

If you’ve traveled at all to San Francisco, you know what a “Mission Burrito” is well enough to take a look at this fully loaded breakfast burrito to see it’s the real deal. For those that may not be as familiar with the term, (wikipedia is your friend) A Mission burrito (also known as a San Francisco burrito or a Mission-style burrito) is a type of burrito that first became popular during the 1960s in the Mission District of San Francisco, California. It is distinguished from other burritos by its large size and inclusion of extra rice and other ingredients.

Mission Burrito takes things to the newt level by offering their speciality burritos not only to Texas natives for a treat, but also on Sundays for a full brunch experience.
**word has it, you can even order “Brunchos” -brunch nachos…. We’re so in.

Dear Diary

Dear Diary Coffeehouse is an all-vegan coffeeshop that recently opened earlier this year, amongst the pandemic, and is thriving due to it’s community-oriented charm.

The coffee shop ensures that all of their purchases are comprised of plant-based ingredients, and they only resell food items from vegan vendors like local baker Celeste’s Best and food-truck Bistro Vonish.

Though this coffee shop may not be a typical “brunch spot”, it has become a popular watering hole for the area and helpful avenue for vegan and non-vegan locals to purchase plant-based products easier.

The coffee at Dear Diary Coffeehouse comes from Third Coast Coffee Roasters and Black Coffee FW. Plus, they purchase from a wide variety of roasters through their Coffee Club subscription service.

Dear Diary’s cookies, banana bread, and peanut butter cups are baked by Celeste’s Best.

Savory items like tacos, kolaches, and sandwiches are made by Bistro Vonish.

Donuts are made by Wheatsville Co-op.

Dear Diary is a pick-up point for Milky Way Shakes, a popular all-vegan ice cream/milkshake food truck, as well while its owners move their food truck to a new location at 2324 E Cesar Chavez.

Packaged goods include local brands like Richard’s Rainwater, Kosmic Kombucha, Clean Cause Yerba Mate, Austin Eastsiders, and Hops & Grain.

**information courtesy of Dear Diary.

Happeas Vegan

**Though they recently announced that they will no longer be serving brunch, try to visit this spot on a weekend (on the off-chance you MIGHT snag one of their “Unicorn” brunch items.

Trust us, it’s always worth the wait!

Bouldin Creek

This well-known “hippy” eatery has been a stop for many vegetarians/vegans for decades. Why? Simply put, their food can be delicious for both the healthy “granola” eater and the more decadent veggie-lover alike.

Our favorite part? Let’s just say we LOVE the fact that they go pretty heavy handed on the nutritional yeast, aka powered gold, and we’re all about it in our tofu scramble!

If you’re a savory breakfast fan, we suggest getting their Renedict for a solid blend of all of your favorites (plus tons of nooch)!

Counter Culture

This Austin gem is well-loved in the vegan community for many reasons; their support for other local vegan businesses, their unique scratch-made vegan staples like seitan, cashew cheese, and raw cheesecakes. But it’s their brunch specials, from country-style loaded biscuit bowls, to “kitchen sink hash”, that makes Counter Culture one of our long-time must visits on a weekend.

Citizen Eatery

Breakfast served all-day, EVERY day? Now that’s just unheard of. Let alone all vegan too!

Citizen Eatery has a way of constantly impressing us with their JUST egg creations, like their Chorizo Omelette, stuffed with house-made vegan chorizo, vegan cheddar cheese, and topped with avocado, aioli and salsa verde AND their “Egg Mccartney”- flamed-grilled JUST Egg patty, tofu “bacon” and cheese on a grilled English muffin. Can you say you’ve seen that anywhere else? We certainly can’t!

Don’t worry sweet breakfast lovers, they have things for you too! They’re gluten-free flapjacks are served with fruit, maple syrup and even a sunflower seed butter to really sweeten the deal!

—–Have another vegan brunch spot we need to add to the list? Let us know!

Where to Eat Brunch in Texas’ Vegan Mecca: Austin

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