Most of us hated this veggie as a kid, but its nutrient rich composition has made it a fad among all health enthusiasts. Packed with the goodness of vitamin A, zinc, iron and potassium, this no-so-tasty veggie can actually take your love for chips to a different level all together.

To make this easy recipe, just wash and make thin slices of beetroot. Then coat the slices with some salt, pepper, turmeric and dried mango powder and red chili powder, to make it more delicious you can add a dash of lime juice. In the meantime, heat a pan all in some olive oil and gently place the slice, when the oil is hot enough and allow the chips to turn crispy. You might have to cook the chips in batches, but the enticing flavours will make you ditch the packaged chips.

How to make healthy chips from vegetables in a pan

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