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“Canada will be by far our biggest market after the U.S., so therefore we have to have the manufacturing done there.”

As of now, fans of this award-winning plant-based protein product  — that tastes and bleeds like beef — will be able to enjoy the food from Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa in the east to Vancouver and Calgary in the west, and at such establishments as Charcut, Bymark, Joe Beef, Maker, Patois, and Favorites Thai BBQ, to name just a few of the select eateries offering Impossible Foods. Many of these eateries are famous for their meat-based menus.

The California-based company purposely searched out some of the country’s finest, award-winning chefs for this special launch, noted David Lee, CFO of Impossible Foods, and these include Craig Wong (of Patois), Mark McEwan (of Bymark), Frederic Morin and  David McMillan (of Joe Beef), Ivana Raca (of Ufficio) and Matty Matheson (of Maker) to help bring the taste of Impossible Food to the nation.

“We are proud to have partnered on this launch with (such) a diverse group of talented chefs known for their fantastic meat dishes, and as trend-setters across a variety of locales,” said Lee in a written statement to the Toronto Sun. “Our target consumer is the meat-loving consumer, and by putting our product in the hands of chefs known for preparing great meat, we’ve found a really fantastic way to reach that consumer.”

Starting next month, all restaurants in Canada will be able to order this plant-based meat which uses such ingredients as potato and soy and attributes its meaty taste to the heme from soybean plants.

The Impossible has landed | Toronto Sun

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