Twilight fans have had plenty of inquiries regarding protagonist Bella Swan. It’s about time that those often asked questions were answered.

The main character of the Twilight series has definitely been pretty controversial. Kristen Stewart’s time as Bella Swan made her famous, but many people wonder if her romance with vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) is problematic and even abusive. One thing is for sure: this franchise has a large fanbase and many consider Bella one of the most compelling characters around.

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From memes to fan fiction, many readers of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer (and loyal viewers of the film franchise) have shown their love for Bella and Edward’s love story. There are many questions that fans have wondered about when it comes to this popular character.

10 Is Bella Swan A Mary Sue?

Fans often ask if Bella Swan is a “Mary Sue” and there are some boxes that a character needs to check in order to be considered one. People consider these characters to be pretty and amazing, they stay the same during the whole book/movie, they are inspired by the author themselves, and they are perfect. A fifth characteristic is that they are the object of other people’s affection.

According to Go Spark Press, Mary Sues can be described by three of these things, if not all five. It seems like yes, Bella is definitely a Mary Sue, as she is a bit klutzy but she doesn’t seem to have anything majorly wrong with her. Both Edward and Jacob love Bella and she doesn’t grow as a character either.

9 When Edward And Bella Kiss, Does She Consume Venom?

Twilight Bella Edward bed

Bella Swan has a lot of issues, but fans are still fascinated by the relationship that she has with Edward, and one question that people have is about their kissing. The venom in the Twilight franchise is pretty terrifying, as it’s part of a vampire’s saliva. According to, fans are curious about whether Bella consumes the venom when she and Edward kiss.

The answer is no. The author has said that because there is no French kissing going on, Edward makes sure that she doesn’t consume any of the venom. It’s also worth noting that venom must enter someone’s bloodstream in order to be dangerous.

8 What Is Bella’s Power?

Besides the romance between Bella and Edward, part of the fun and excitement of Twilight is seeing if Bella is going to transition from a human into a vampire. And when she does, what power will she have?

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Many fans are curious about Bella’s powers once she becomes a vampire. Bella has been described as a “shield” and according to, this means that she can stop vampires who are psychic.

7 Is Bella A Vegetarian?

Bella and Edward have an interesting relationship, but fans also have some questions about Bella that don’t involve her vampire love interest at all.

Fans also want to know if Bella Swan is a vegetarian and the answer is no. According to a fan discussion on, she has fried chicken in Breaking Dawn and burgers and beef in other parts of the franchise. The vampires are all considered vegetarian, however, so once she transitions, she would technically be one. People have pointed out that Bella doesn’t eat meat in the movies, and that’s because Kristen Stewart is a vegetarian.

6 Is Bella A Virgo?

Fans also want to know what zodiac sign Bella Swan is, and some have posed this question to Google: is Bella Swan a Virgo?

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Yes, Bella is a Virgo, and her birthday is September 13th. Many websites have written about how the character definitely has many of the traits and qualities that this sign is known to have.

5 Does Bella Die?

This is another frequently Googled question about Bella Swan, and the truth is that, yes, Bella does indeed die after having Edward’s baby.

Edward saves her life, but it’s definitely a terrifying and disturbing scene. Many people are curious about how Bella could get pregnant in the first place since, of course, Edward isn’t human.

4 What Should Bella Look Like?

Another common question about Kristen Stewart’s Twilight character centers around what she should look like if she’s based directly on the book.

Based on the description of Bella in the Twilight novel, this character is pale, thin, and as Bella herself said, “My skin could be pretty—it was very clear, almost translucent-looking—but it all depended on color. I had no color here.”

3 What Is Bella’s Blood Type?

Edward has talked about how much he loves the way that Bella’s blood smells, which some fans might find creepy, but it brings up a good question: what is Bella’s blood type?

No one is sure of the answer to this question. Some fans say it’s O but this is one question that fans will have to be content not having a real answer to.

2 What Is Bella’s Favorite Color?

Bella has done a lot of good and despite her flaws, she has a huge fanbase who want to learn everything that there is to know about her.

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Fans also want to know what Bella Swan’s favorite color is, and the answer is topaz. According to, Bella loved brown, but once she met and fell in love with Edward, she told him that topaz was her favorite color as it’s his eye color.

1 Does Bella’s Father Know She’s A Vampire?

There are many funny Twilight memes about Charlie, and Bella’s father plays a pretty important role in the film franchise, at least in the beginning, as Bella moves to Forks to be with him.

People are definitely curious if Bella’s father discovers that she is a vampire. The answer is no because the characters want to make sure that he’s safe from the Volturi.

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