It’s zero secret that Thanksgiving is classically a carnivore’s dream. After all, the day pretty much revolves around digging into a huge turkey. So, yeah, it’s kind of a tricky holiday to navigate if you’re a vegan.

You’d think maybe Thanksgiving side dishes would be a safer bet, but that’s a nope, too. So many of the classics (think stuffing, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole) are usually packed with animal-based ingredients like butter, cream, and meat. Not exactly an ideal situation for plant-based eaters.

I promise, though: You don’t have to nibble on raw carrot sticks while everyone else dives into a huge, decadent meal this Turkey Day. Plenty of plant-forward foodies feel your struggle—and, as a result, there are tons of recipes for delicious vegan Thanksgiving sides out there just waiting to add some flavor to your day.

With ingredients like vegan butter, vegetable gravy, and coconut bacon (yes, bacon!), these recipes imitate ALL of the yummy tastes and textures that make Thanksgiving the biggest feast of the year. From agave-glazed carrots to stuffed portobellos, and so much more, these sides are so darn good that even meat-eaters will love them. (Seriously, don’t sleep on that vegan buffalo mac, guys…)

Whether you’re a tried-and-true vegan or just want to add more plant-based options to your table, these vegan Thanksgiving sides recipes will take your Tofurkey Day to a whole new level.

40 Vegan Thanksgiving Side Dishes That Are Easy And Delicious

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