Kevin and Maria Lebron wanted to go into the food business. Kevin has been working in the industry for 20 years. However, they made their jump into the vegan world because of Maria.

She suffered from Hodgkin’s disease, a type of cancer, and underwent two surgeries for endometriosis. Because of her health complications, she wanted to turn to a plant-based diet. Kevin, who had past jobs at Le Grande Orange, Upward Projects, and Conceptually Social catering, knew that making the leap wasn’t a joke.

So they first tested out their idea, at a food truck in Phoenix. The response was overwhelming. Pachamama was the idea that came from Maria; it means Mother Earth” in Quechua, refers to a goddess revered by the Incas. Maria decided that she wanted to honor Mother Earth through food and pay tribute to her. That’s why the name is so fitting for the restaurant.

Their brick and mortar restaurant was to open In April, but due to the pandemic, the opening has been delayed. However, the pair decided to do a soft opening on 9th September. Pachamama will be making a massive opening on 16th September. So far, the menu at Pachamama has been Latin influenced.

Some of Pachamama’s favorite’s include tacos de papa, mexiyaki, scrambanzo burrito, wauli-nut Rizzo burrito, ceviche, and chips. All these dishes are carefully planned, so they are all plant-based but delicious.

Their restaurant will also have a go-to fridge option from where you can grab munch worthy dishes like “chuna-salad.” Kevin and Maria have been working day and night to improving the menu. They are working adding a sandwich to the menu soon, and have also been working on ramen with mushroom broth.

Pachamama: a Vegan Food Stand that Turned into a Restaurant

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