How has your lifestyle changed in quarantine?

MM: You know, I built a home gym. Obviously the gym is a big part of my life and fitness is a big part of my life — as is food — so I’ve just had to build a home gym from scratch and it’s been hard. Weights are more desirable than diamonds right now — it’s crazy. So yeah, I’ve been working out from home a lot more, doing a lot more cardio. I’m working on a fitness series that I’m going to do on YouTube on my own so I’ve been doing a lot more cardio.

Believe it or not, I’ve actually been cooking less now just because I do it all the time. So I want takeout more! Before when I wasn’t home, I wasn’t really taking out food because I would come home and look forward to cooking. But now that I’m cooking all the time, I find myself craving takeout more because I don’t want to cook as much. So in that way, it’s changed.

BuzzFeed: I can totally relate! I justify it to myself by saying that I’m helping great vegan restaurants stay in business.

MM: Well, it’s true! Pre-COVID, I wanted to go out and support them because they’re so niche and you want to keep them alive and well and running, but now that COVID has hit, there’s more of a need to support them as well.

Mena Massoud On His Vegan Book, Evolving Vegan

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