In a pandemic hit world, humans are making humane choices. There is a desire to safeguard health,
protect the planet and eradicate unethical treatment of animals. And veganism offers an opportunity
to make a difference. It entails a plant-based diet and abstention from all animal foods such as meat,
dairy and eggs.

Chef Sanjay B Dasari , Executive Chef, The Ashok, says, “The number of people embracing veganism is on a noticeable rise. Today, customers are more aware of what they eat and want to live a conscious life. With the growing demand, the repertoire of vegan dishes is also expanding and gaining popularity. More and more restaurants are experimenting with taste, and avoiding dairy and other non-vegan ingredients.”

The growing inclination towards conscious eating habits, backed by health benefits is set to drive veganism as a way of life in the days to come.

Chef Arun Sundaraj, Executive Chef, Taj Mahal, says, “During the pandemic the need to eat healthy has seen a new high primarily because people are getting educated on what it is that they are actually eating. India has a lot many communities that support vegetarianism so for a person to eat a vegan meal in India is not difficult as there are a large variety of products that they can eat.”

Vegan Tom Yum soup by chef Vikramjit Roy

Vegan Tom Yum soup by chef Vikramjit Roy

“Vegan or plant based food eliminates any kind of saturated fats which is the main reason for the increase of cholesterol and other heart related diseases. It is very important to maintain a balanced meal especially during the pandemic when outdoor activities have considerably gone down. Veganism is one of the best practices to follow at this time and that is precisely why it is gaining traction,” says chef Vikramjit Roy who has come up with
a Pan Asian menu at Hello Panda.

Long gone are the days when people thought vegans only ate salads! With imaginative menus
coming up, we know it isn’t a fleeting trend.

Chef Ashish Singh, Corporate Chef, Cafe Delhi Heights, says, “It was a misconception that vegan
food cannot be delicious. We have made sure to curate a menu which is elaborate and interesting as well.”

Artistic presentations using shiso leaves and pansies make vegan dishes Instagram

Artistic presentations using shiso leaves and pansies make vegan dishes Instagram

As veganism occupies a larger space in contemporary life, restaurateurs are working overtime to
innovate menus. Chef Manish Mehrotra of The Indian Accent says, “Our new vegan menu is all things
healthy. With a conscious and a more aware consumer, we have to ensure a high-quality vegan food
and simultaneously it has to be tasty, healthy, ethical and planet-friendly.”

For Sagar Bajaj, corporate chef at Plum by Bentchair,says one should not feel restricted if they are vegan.
“We want to be a part of people’s journey and fully support it so our menu boasts of an array of vegan options like Crystal Dumplings and Tempura AsparagusUramaki.”

Vegan Summer Roll at Molecule Space Bar

Vegan Summer Roll at Molecule Space Bar

Restaurateur Priyank Sukhija, says, “We have kept in mind the food habits of different people. We have an array of Mediterranean vegan delicacies. Dishes like Baba Ghanoush and Muhammara are a must-try at Diablo.”

For desserts too, options abound. L’Opera has a vegan range of French desserts made without butter, cream or milk. Kazem Samandari, executive chairman, says, “With growing demand, this is the need
of the hour.” Inspired to be a vegan gourmand?

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