Huel has launched a new range of warm instant meals in the UK, which aim to provide an affordable and nutritionally complete lunch option to consumers.

Launching in two flavours, Thai green curry and tomato & herb, both Huel Hot & Savoury pouches contain seven 400 calorie meals, and the 100% vegan recipes are made with whole foods and natural ingredients such as quinoa, rice and lentils.

To make the meals, consumers scoop these ingredients into a bowl, mix with boiling water and the meals are ready to eat in under five minutes.

According to Huel, each serving contains 24g of plant-based protein and all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, providing a nutritious meal option to consumers who do not have the time to prepare nutritious meals themselves.

Huel founder, Julian Hearn, said: “Our goal is to make nutritious food more accessible and more appealing for everyone, and Huel Hot & Savoury achieves this.

“Designed for lunchtime, we’re providing our customers with more options to consume 100% complete nutrition without having to count calories and read food labels. Huel makes lunchtime easy as the nutrition has all been done for you.

“It’s made with nutrient-dense quality whole food ingredients, so it’s designed to keep you feeling full with all the good stuff you need to stay healthy.”

Huel launches new range of warm instant meal pouches

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