The Avocado Show goes international: the vegetarian restaurant chain will open nineteen franchised outlets in France, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. The avocado bar is also looking in Ghent and Antwerp.


Four additional countries

With the slogan “Pretty Healthy Food”, The Avocado Show hits the nail on the head in today’s hospitality landscape: the Amsterdam chain suddenly goes from four to 23 branches. The hip concept, which revolves entirely around avocados, will soon open nineteen restaurants via franchising.


Three partners will ensure a European roll-out in four countries: there will be eight branches in Spain and Portugal, as well as eight in France and three in the United Kingdom. Only Madrid, London and Paris have been confirmed as concrete locations. Madrid opens first at the end of October, Paris and London will follow a few months later.


Looking in Ghent and Antwerp

One year after its creation, in 2018, the restaurant formula took its first steps abroad with a franchise in Brussels, and it tasted like more. Nevertheless, Brussels remains the only Belgian branch at the moment, the company responds to our editorial team, although there is certainly interest in more locations. The chain is looking for the right partners for restaurants in Ghent and Antwerp, says PR manager Georgie Woollams.


The Avocado Show prides itself on only working with sustainable avocados, thanks to an exclusive collaboration with importer Nature’s Pride. This is the former company of multimillionaire Shawn Harris, who also invested in the hospitality chain. The success is certainly partly due to the very Instagram-friendly interiors and merchandising.

The Avocado Show plans huge European expansion

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