There’s no shortage of reasons for a consumer to choose a plant-based menu item. A recent study by the United Soybean Board shows the three top motivators for incorporating plant-based food into the diet are: improving overall diet and wellness, improving the quality of protein in diet and helping to protect the environment/sustainability.

Plant-based cuisine fits wonderfully into many Asian cuisines, including Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Burmese and more. This is especially true when veggies are crisp, colorful and inviting and flavors are bright, spicy and addictive. Whether it’s a Japanese eggplant stir-fry, sesame-ginger tofu with lo mein, a spicy Thai potato curry, a walnut-stuffed Chinese pancake or an edamame teriyaki bowl, Asian food is a great inspiration and jumping-off point when you’re thinking about offering more plant-based menu options or adding more vegetarian/vegan options to an existing Asian concept. Check out these wow-worthy examples from onsite foodservice chefs around the country.

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14 plant-based Asian dishes for onsite food service menus

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