Dairy-free milks are dominating the beverage industry, due to the growing need for much healthier, plant-based choices. Oat, soy and almond-based milks are becoming everyday staples among consumers, as the movement towards eco-friendly, animal-free products acquires momentum. But, even with many alternative milk-types offered, many, if not all fall short when it pertains to taste and nutrition. Now, Banana Wave is revamping the classification with a new, fruit-based oat milk that delivers exceptional health benefits and a boosted flavor profile.

Banana Wave is the only vegan-friendly, alternative milk of its kind to provide the health advantages of real, whole bananas, fiber-rich oat milk and vitamins like B-12 in a delicious formula. Fat-free, gluten-free, Non-GMO Task Verified and 100% natural, Banana Wave provides four items, including Original, Chocolate, Strawberry and a just recently released Mango taste, all made with whole fruits. Each includes a naturally sweet and velvety consistency– thanks to a base of entire, ripe bananas– and can be taken in on its own, or in healthy smoothies, coffee, oatmeal, banana bread and other food recipes.

Banana Wave is packed with essential vitamins consisting of A, B12, C, D and E, as well as high quantities of fiber, potassium and protein, naturally discovered in oats and bananas. Additionally, Banana Wave has no sweetening agents, tastes, or coloring. And, when compared to other major players in the alternative milk classification, Banana Wave is the only, mainstream dairy-free milk that is entirely free of fat and cholesterol.

CEO of Banana Wave and food market veteran, Steven Gelerman has actually invested the last thirty years establishing timeless food staples with a healthy twist. He is now controling the non-dairy category with his signature, Banana Wave formula. “While looking for a milk alternative for myself and my family, there wasn’t an option available on the market that delivered the health benefits of dairy-free milk, with a taste that was comparable to the milk products we all grew up on,” said Steven. “I wanted to bring a product to market that didn’t require consumers to sacrifice great flavor for their wellness. With Banana Wave, I am proud to say that we’ve filled that void in the alternative milk category.”

With less than 2 years at retail, Banana Wave products have actually been accepted by health-conscious buyers and the grocery industry at large. Thanks, in part, to the growing demand for plant-based milk alternatives, major retailers such as Food Lion, Giant, Market Basket, H-E-B, Meijer, Jewel Osco, Sprouts, Whole Foods, Amazon and more now bring the brand’s 32 oz. and 8 oz. items in their grocery and produce aisles, nationwide. Each Banana Wave beverage retail for under $4.

Banana Wave Debuts Vegan Friendly Banana Milk Nationwide

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