Nestled in the western frond of The Pointe lies KYO: one of the finest sushi havens in Dubai. Lead by Chef Arturo Mendez – who brings 15 years of his experience in eclectic cooking techniques to the table – the delicacies are paired with remarkable views of Dubai’s famous Atlantis, The Palm resort.

The entire experience consisted of inventive offerings with individually prepared dishes to add to the fine dining experience, with a sensory burst of explosions. The interiors promise a full 360-degree experience with an open kitchen for guests to witness the art of sushi making and artistic preparation of dishes.

The menu offers light bites, soups and starters featuring Tataki, Tartars, Gyoza and more to begin with. The mains include a selection of fresh fish, meat and vegetarian options. 

The non-vegetarian menu serves a selection of Teppanyaki and Hot Stone dishes, while highlighting the vast selection of sushi and maki rolls, including KYO-favorites Salmon Sashimi, Truffle Sea Bass Nigiri, Spicy Tuna Uramaki, and Avocado and Hosomaki Eel Maki. The ancient method of cooking known as ishiyaki allows you to cook your food on a hot stone at your table by preparing food in the teppanyaki style.

As for the vegetarian portion of the dinner, Chef Arturo Mendez prepared a tailored menu incorporating delicious vegan and vegetarian Japanese delicacies – all of which are presented in the most decadent of ways.

Starting with a Japanese staple, the chef proposed vegan maki rolls of which the filling was tofu and avocado, alongside avocado sushi. As for the main, a sticky teriyaki glazed aubergine was served with fried rice to accompany it – simple and sophisticated

And if one gets thirsty? The ‘berry’ refreshing mocktail is a superb choice. Made with a mix of red and blue berries, it’s bound to quench anyone’s thirst.

The desserts feature reimagined versions of classic Japanese elements like Sakura Pie, Ginger Tiramisu, Nachi Pear and the Chocolate Fondant.

You can now escape on a delectable journey to Japan with a one-of-a-kind dining experience and the impeccable service.

To make a reservation contact +971 04 557 5182 or email Harper’s Bazaar Arabia advises all of our readers to adhere to proper social distancing guidelines when dining and socializing outside the home.

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