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A former McDonald’s employee just opened up the first Black-owned vegan restaurant in Harrisburg, PA, VegNews

Stefan Hawkins is the co-owner of House of Vegans, a new vegan eatery and the first Black-owned one in Harrisburg, PA. Hawkins partnered up with friend Laquana Barber to create the restaurant to offer more healthy eating options for residents.

Barber decided to go vegan first, citing her asthma as the reason behind the lifestyle change. Hawkins was next, choosing to make a move to a plant-based diet after working at McDonald’s, where he discovered the not so beautiful side of the “meat-centric fast food industry.”

At their open house, which had lines down the block the new restauranteurs were excited for what they were doing.

“We are the first black-owned vegan restaurant in Harrisburg. We are making history!” Barber told The Burg.

Hawkins continued, “Vegan isn’t a big word in the African American community we want to educate the culture and the people. We can be vegan and still eat good and hearty.”

The duo quickly started testing various vegan meals in their homes, eventually working up the courage to serve family and friends, many of whom weren’t vegan. Now the couple has their eatery with a diverse menu featuring Soul Food Platters, including Chick’n Drums, BBQ Jackfruit, Baked Moka Mac and Cheez, collard greens, cornbread and burgers.

The new restaurant offers healthy comfort food for Harrisburg residents and a reprieve for Hawkins and Barber, who now have in house food options that they can enjoy.

“American culture views that every meal has to have meat with it when it does not. Since I’ve been vegan, it’s been the best part of my life,” Hawkins said.

House of Vegans is currently open Wednesday-Sunday for lunch and dinner. 

Photos Courtesy of @house_of_vegans_cfc/Instagram

Former McDonald’s Employee Opens First Black-Owned Vegan Restaurant In – BOTWC

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