• Expect to get some
    first-rate steaks, seafood, a variety of delicacies, and a full cocktail
    program at Barry’s Downtown Prime when it opens at Circa late next month.
  • Tucked away on the
    ground floor and under the extra-large neon Vegas Vickie, the eatery is going
    to give guests a unique feeling, said Barry Dakake.
  • Dakake, who is turning
    50 this year, will do some tableside cooking himself since he loves interacting
    with his guests.
  • Visitors will dine on
    a variety of dishes, including chilled shellfish platters, flourless cake, and
    vegetarian meals.
  • The restaurant’s décor
    will feature oxblood and navy tones with classic mirrors, walnut millwork, and
    white-oak parquet floors.

When Barry’s Downtown Prime opens with Circa late next month, it will have some first-rate steaks, seafood, and several other delicacies with some entertainment aspect, according to Barry Dakake.

restaurant is tucked away on the ground floor under the extra-large neon Vegas
Vickie in the lobby on the second floor.

said that people are going to have a unique feeling when they walk into the
restaurant. “It’s such a personal spot; it’s like a hideaway,” he added.

said the eatery will have easy access via elevator and escalator.

also said he would include “some surprise tableside preparations” because, from
his research, many restaurants in the city are not offering that today. The
preparations will include entrees like lobster flambé and steak Diane and desserts
like baked Alaska and Campfire S’mores, he said.

not all. Dakake, who is turning 50 this year, wants “to get a little crazy.” He
may do some tableside cooking himself. Since he loves interacting with guests,
he’ll be in the dining room much of the time. He says he wants to know the
people who are eating in his restaurant and make them feel at home.

will include chilled shellfish platters; beef such as the signature Barry’s
Steak; seafood such as scallops; desserts such as flourless chocolate cake and
crème Brulee; and vegetarian dishes such as vegetable truffle meatloaf and
romanesco steak. He said they will cook steaks over charcoal and fruitwood.

added that the combination creates a 900-degree fire that prevents juices from

restaurant will also feature a full cocktail program, with options such as the
BDTP Old Fashioned, that is, rye whiskey with ginger and cherry bitters and
cinnamon-spiced chocolate syrup, embellished with brandied cherries and shaved

it comes to the décor, the café will be finished in oxblood and navy tones with
classic mirrors, walnut millwork, and white-oak parquet floors.

While the eatery will have an Old Vegas feeling, Dakake said it will also feature an extension of his 18 years of experience at N9NE Steakhouse and its successor, Scotch 80 Prime at Palms Casino Resort.

He said that while one would one to stay with the basics that got them where they are, they should “always strive to make things better, with different twists.” Dakake and his team are doing all they can to maintain what they have been doing, “but take it to the next level.”

In the shadow of Vegas Vickie, Barry’s will blend old and new

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