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September 15, 2020




Italian American Lawyers
Association to Stage ‘New York Street Fair’

Will Deliver Italian Dishes to Participants


Above is a photo taken at last year’s Italian
American Lawyers Association “New York Street Fair.” The event will be held
this year, via Zoom.



a MetNews Staff Writer


The Italian American Lawyers
Association, undaunted by the pandemic, continues to hold meetings on what
comes close to a business-as-usual basis, with its third annual “New York
Street Fair” slated for tomorrow night.

“fair” was the brainchild of the 2018 president, Woodland Hills probate/estate
planning lawyer Alice A. Salvo. Those attending the event in its first two
years, held at Casa Italiana, a meeting hall just north of Chinatown, would
stroll from booth to booth, gathering Italian dishes, consumed at tables in the

year, the event will be conducted via Zoom. But that doesn’t mean that
participants will have to microwave Italian food from their freezers and
pretend it’s the homemade-style cuisine from the Casa.

Terri Macellaro explains:

of fabulous Italian ‘street fair’ food will be available—lasagna with
meatballs, sausage & peppers, rice balls, polenta, bruschetta, tomato &
mozzarella skewers and Cannoli. A vegetarian option is available that switches
eggplant for lasagna, and uses Beyond Meat vegetarian ‘sausage’ rather than
meat sausage.”

No ‘Food Replicator’

is all this possible without a food replicator from the starship Enterprise?

Casa wait staff and law students will deliver these meals all over town during
the day, so we are supporting our friends who right now are under-employed,
with simple instructions on how to heat it up right before the event,”
Macellaro says.

eat together and then simulate walking through an Italian Street Fair together,
stopping to hear a comedian and watch a magician.”

continues to guide the event. Her husband, Mel Stein, is a former professional
magician and Macellaro notes that the prestidigitator who will perform tomorrow
is, according to Salvo and Stein, of “world-class” proficiency.

says that during the stroll, there will be a pause “to have caricature sketches
drawn by a caricature artist.”

lawyer advises:

likely have a demonstration on how to make cannoli at home, and some games with

said yesterday that it’s not too late to register today for the event—at the
IALA’s website at—but says it’s possible that food
delivery will no longer be available. The cost is $15 for “admission”; $30 for
admission, with food picked up at Casa Italiana, 1051 N. Broadway; and $35 for
admission, food, and delivery in Los Angeles.

Hallmark of Meetings

says of the event:

should be fun, different, and interactive meaning we can all see and talk to each
other which has been the hallmark of IALA’s 2020 Zoom meetings.”

month, she staged a Zoom meeting which included participation by U.S. Supreme
Court Justices Samuel Alito and Anthony Kennedy. In July, there were remarks by
Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious
Diseases, with appearances by comic Jay Leno and actor Joe Mantegna.

at the events has exceeded what the live programs have generally drawn in
recent years, with more than 200 persons logged-on to last month’s meeting.

has attained the perhaps unprecedented feat of causing a presiding judge of the
Los Angeles Superior Court to send an email to all bench officers urging
participation at a bar event. Kevin C. Brazile on Friday dispatched a “Dear
Colleagues” email to judges and commissioners telling of the IALA’s invitation.

event, which will take place 6 -7:30 p.m., is co-sponsored by the MultiCultural
Bar Alliance.


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Italian American Lawyers Association to Stage ‘New York Street Fair’

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