The property owner of a former car sales lot reached out to the Claus family after learning of their hardship.

KERRVILLE, Texas — The Claus family of Kerrville hasn’t let the coronavirus diminish their love for serving vegetarian cuisine.

Two months ago, Chee and Chuck Claus were forced to shut down Hummus and Heifer, a home-based business, due to financial difficulties prompted by the virus. The absence of customers led Chee to make the big decision and find another way of making money as the primary provider of the household.

But recently, a new opportunity arose when the property owner of a vacant lot formerly used for selling cars, contacted Chee after learning about her situation.

“There were tears when this opened up thinking that we could revive it and bring it back. I’m very excited,” Chee said. “She said she’d been following me on Facebook and that she wanted to help and she offered this place to us for a time and hopefully it’ll turn into a long-term lease contract.”

The two-month trial will determine whether its worth setting up shop permanently.

“Kerrville people seem to look out for each other very well,” Chuck said.

“There’s no beating around the bush. You’ve got to get out there, move it and keep going no matter what happens,” Chee said.

The financial woes from two months ago have disappeared.

“There were tears when this opened up thinking that we could revive it and bring it back. I’m very excited,” Chee said.

The looming coronavirus remains a threat to business owners everywhere but perhaps even more so in smaller communities such as Kerrville.

“Everybody’s had their struggles and I’m no different from anybody else out there,” Chee said.

Chee and Chuck Claus are holding onto faith and determined to conquer those struggles.

“God’s been very good to us. In providing us this location, in keeping us sustained through all of this,” Chuck said.

“We’ve had a lot of support from our fellow Kerrvillians and we hope to keep getting that support and bringing them back with our food,” Chee said.

Hummus and Heifer is located at 101 Cedar Way in Kerrville. 

Kerrville couple reopens vegetarian cuisine business after closing due to pandemic

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