Jennifer McDaniel of McDaniel Nutrition Therapy shares a recipe for Apple Donuts and Caprese Toast with the help of her son, Jack.


Back-to-School Snack Ideas for Parents & Kids!

In a hurry? Prairie Farms has new whole milk yogurt and cottage cheese snack cups that make eating btw Jack’s short school zoom breaks and between client day easy! 

BUT, when we have a bit more time, we enjoy these recipes: 

Apple Donuts – Chef Jack’s Recipe

1 whole-milk vanilla yogurt carton

1 T. nut butter of your choice

Directions – 1. core and slice apple horizontally 2. Mix yogurt, nut butter & cinnamon 3. Spread mixture on apple slices (leaving the middle open so it looks like a donut)

Caprese Toast – Mom’s Recipe

1 whole-wheat or sourdough toast, toasted

1 Garden Veggie Cottage cheese cup

Directions: 1. Spread some of your veggie cottage cheese on toast. top with sliced tomato and basil

Shared by Author and TV Chef Christy Rost ST.

Recipe | Back-to-School Snack Ideas

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