California-based company Cedarlane Foods has expanded its Simply Plant Powered line with four new frozen vegan entrees. 

Vegan Lasagna features organic pasta, vine-ripened tomatoes, vegan beefless crumbles and vegan mozzarella-style cheese. Each serving is said to contain 10g of protein.

Also containing 10g of protein per serving, Cedarlane Foods’ new enchilada entrees feature black beans, roasted red peppers and zucchini, as well as vegan cheeses, all wrapped in corn tortillas. Vegan Enchiladas in Green Sauce are topped with a tomatillo sauce; Enchiladas in Red Sauce are topped with a vine-ripened tomato sauce.

Vegan Lentil Shepherd’s Pie offers a ‘twist on the classic dish’, with lentils, carrots and green beans topped with creamy mash. According to Cedarlane Foods, each serving contains 25g of protein. 

“As veterans in providing consumers with easy, convenient, and most importantly, clean, food options for nearly four decades, we know our health-conscious consumers are always looking for new products that not only taste great, but provide unparalleled nutritional benefits,” said Cedarlane Foods CEO, Robert Atallah.

“We’ve been championing the importance of a diet rich in vegetables since our founding, and are proud to continue providing families and individuals with a diverse new variety of delicious, nourishing options you can prepare in just minutes.”

The new products are available from Sprouts Markets nationwide, with a roll out to additional grocers expected to follow later this year.

Cedarlane Foods unveils new plant-based entrees

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