Marissa arrived at our house on the evening of Tyler’s birthday.

Statuesque and voluptuous, she was even more stunning in person than I’d imagined. She wore a burgundy velvet dress and a sensual, musky perfume.

Due to a mixture of jealousy, nerves, and awe, I could only manage monosyllables in her presence.

In contrast, she made conversation effortlessly. She seemed accustomed to parties.

Unfortunately, that meant she and Tyler slipped into a comfortable rapport. Meanwhile, I hovered dumbly in their vicinity like some kind of irrelevant fly.

After several glasses of rosé, we retreated to the bedroom.

I took my place on the beanbag while Tyler and Marissa reclined on the bed. As they started kissing, I sipped more rosé to stop myself freaking out.

Tyler unhooked Marissa’s bra. Her breasts spilled free. I gulped… and then something weird happened. I realised watching her was kind of arousing.

I think it was because she had such a sassy manner. She wasn’t afraid to show Tyler what she wanted. She wrapped her legs around him, maneuvering him into position against her hips. Grabbing his hand, she placed it on her boobs, then tossed her head back and moaned while he groped her.

Their movements grew more and more heated, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away. Although I expected to be blazing with jealousy, I was much more mesmerised and turned on by Marissa.

I felt she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, and in a way, I understood Tyler’s hunger for her.

When he pushed himself deep inside her, she made eye contact with me. And instead of hating her, I felt powerfully connected to her. It was like a transcendent moment we were sharing.

I touched myself and held her gaze. Incredibly, we climaxed together.

Marissa got a job in a different state soon afterwards, so we never shared an experience like that again.

But even now, over a decade later, I still think about that night and the surprising feelings it brought up.

I want to make one thing clear.

I’ve described the experience above as ultimately enjoyable. However, that was something of a miracle. Neither Tyler, Marissa, nor I went about setting up the experience in the right way.

‘I enjoy watching my boyfriend have sex with someone.’

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