The five-ingredient restriction does, however, mean that extra vegetable garnishes are a no-go, but this soup is plenty good without them. All you need, besides the beets, are the critical ingredients: chilled vegetable broth, lemon juice, sour cream and fresh dill. You’ll also need a bit of salt, if you purchase low- or no-sodium broth, as well as olive oil for enriching the soup.

The only trick for a properly smooth borscht? The blending order. First, blitz together the beets, broth and lemon juice in a blender until they turn creamy. Depending on the power of your blender, this step could take upwards of a minute; when in doubt, blend a bit longer. Next, with the blender still running, gradually pour in the olive oil. It’ll emulsify with the vegetables, leaving the soup silky and thick. Last, plate and serve. I prefer to offer sour cream and dill at the table so that each person can make their bowl of borscht as rich or light they’d like.

Recipe: Easy beet borscht

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