Starbucks Taiwan adds Beyond Meat Sausage Sandwich to menu. 

Starbucks Taiwan adds Beyond Meat Sausage Sandwich to menu. 

(Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Starbucks Taiwan announced on Wednesday (Sept. 16) it is adding three meals made with Beyond Meat products to its menu along with two other plant-based items as the world’s appetite for plant-based meat grows.

To tap into the booming demand for vegan-friendly catering, Starbucks Taiwan added soy milk to its menu in 2006. Last year, a Swedish oat milk product was introduced to draw health-conscious consumers. In addition to soy and oat milk-based latte products, the leading coffee chain has continued to add variety as specialty coffee shops spring up on nearly every corner in the country.

The newly launched meatless meals are the Beyond Meat Bolognese Penne, Beyond Meatball Sandwich, Beyond Meat Sausage Sandwich, Sweet Potato Oat Milk Toast Panini, and Oat Milk Toast, with prices ranging from NT$60 (US$2.06) to NT$220. All are available on food delivery platforms.

Sweet Potato Oat Milk Toast Panini (Taiwan News photo)

Beyond Meatball Sandwich (left), Beyond Meat Sausage Sandwich (Taiwan News photo)

Beyond Meat, a Los Angeles-based producer of premium plant-based meat substitutes, is attracting a lot of attention from investors. The vegan meat company is seeking to grow through retail and overseas expansion. Earlier this month, it announced plans to build production facilities in China.

One report indicates that around 2.5 million people in Taiwan follow a vegetarian diet, accounting for 13 percent of the population. Some have adopted the diet for religious reasons.

Strict Buddhist vegetarians must pay attention to the labels before ordering plant-based meals, as some contain ingredients like garlic, eggs, and onion.

Earlier this year, the Seattle-based coffee chain launched an array of meals made with Beyond Meat and Impossible Food products to meet customers’ growing interest in plant-based options and to honor its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Starbucks adds 3 ‘Beyond Meat’ meals to Taiwan menu

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