The other day, one of the cabbages in the garden began to split, so I snagged it, trimmed off all the coarse outer leaves, and shredded some for the most crunchy, juicy slaw I’ve eaten in a long time. Of course, I don’t have to tell any of you about the wonders of really fresh cabbage in slaw or any other dish. Over the years, we have offered up lots of slaw variations here, and as much as I love fresh slaw, I know some of this newly harvested cabbage will find its way into a cabbage fritter my friends Roger and Marny told me about.

They like it for lunch. It could be supper for vegetarian (or any other) households, or an ample side dish. Grill a couple sausages, or offer ham to go with it. Sprinkle it with bacon.

These easy, simple cabbage fritters are a recipe for a delightful supper

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