Contemporary vegetarian restaurant Planet Green has just relocated to a swanky new location in Futian district’s UpperHills.


Keeping in line with the futuristic theme, to order you simply use one of the tablets or the giant LCD screen depending on where you sit. The menu is easy to sift through, and has pictures accompanied by English and Chinese descriptions.  

If you’ve visited the restaurant before, all your favorite comfort foods, salads, desserts and drinks are still on offer in addition to new menu items. Check out these mouthwatering dishes below: 


Some of the standouts dishes we’d recommend are the Planet Green Burger (RMB88), the dumplings stuffed with mushrooms, carrots and other chopped up veggies (RMB42) and the avocado plant-based milkshake (RMB36). 

For the curry fish ball lovers (RMB36)

Egg-wrapped Singaporean fried rice (RMB42)
A souffle (RMB28) to finish off your meal. Takes 15-20 minutes to prepare so order in advance! 


Planet Green is offering a RMB500 voucher, to five lucky That’s Shenzhen readers! 

For your chance to win, simply share this article on your WeChat Moments with the caption ‘That’s what I want!’, take a screenshot and send it to our WeChat account (ID: ThatsShenzhen) along with your email address, delivery address and phone number.

Not already a follower of the official That’s Shenzhen WeChat account? Scan the QR code below:

Open daily, 11am-10pm. 198 4275 4753. See listing for Planet Green.

[All images via That’s]

WIN! ¥500 Voucher from Planet Green – That’s Shenzhen

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