As the quarantine measures were only meant to be temporary, meal delivery is no longer needed and all 14 NYU dining locations are now open for business… sort of. State guidelines still prohibit indoor dining, so food is only being served takeout-style. According to NYU Eats, students are encouraged to check out the online menus so they’ll know exactly what they want to order before they get there, or to even pre-order via the GrubHub app. When it’s time to eat, students enter the dining hall — masked of course — and pick up their to-go meal, which they then pay for with a cashless method (meal plan, campus cash, or card). As to where those meals can be eaten, students can still congregate outdoors, although outdoor picnicking might not be so pleasant once winter hits. That leaves common areas and also dorm rooms.

While NYU might wish for their meal delivery fail to be dismissed as just another mess in a moka pot now that it’s behind them, it might not work out that way. According to NYU, on-campus students pay $78,742 for two semesters (Yikes! That’s nearly $315,000 for four years!), so they might reasonably expect something a bit better than PB&J in a bag.

Why students are so upset about NYU’s quarantine meals

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