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In my opinion, the people of Greater Bendigo have got through this lockdown by social distancing, mask wearing, and hand hygiene, it’s not from following the other rules. I was pretty sure you could only leave home for work, exercise, emergency, or necessity. Read more Last Sunday I needed to get a washer (important) but there was not a car park in Bunnings, Epsom. That’s a lot of people exercising in Bunnings or getting necessary items. And the line up to the various jam donut trucks have never shortened. think regional Victoria and particularly Greater Bendigo are already taking the advice of a lot of disease experts, they are learning to live with the virus and go about their daily lives. Personally I think it would be very easy to do. Watch your distance, wash your hands, and wear a mask when in close proximity to a lot of people. It’s the one per cent that think it’s a conspiracy, or refuse to wear a mask. Let’s leave politics out of it and get on with our lives. One of Australia’s biggest meat corporations says JobSeeker is too generous! Some of us might imagine that paying the rent or mortgage and feeding the family on $550 a week (soon to be reduced to $400) would not be a bed of roses. Other news But the corporate and industry affairs manager of Teys says this is making people “a little bit too comfortable”. In his mind, the rate should be slashed further, so people will be forced to work in hellish slaughterhouses, where COVID-19 has spread rapidly. There they will spend their days killing terrified animals, at processing speeds that guarantee suffering for both the workers and the animal victims. Here’s a better plan – instead of forcing people into poverty so they can keep the conveyor belts moving, cut the meat from your shopping list, and let’s close down these grim death factories. I have had the pleasure to meet two eminent politicians – Gough Whitlam and Bob Hawke. However my most admired politician is now Daniel Andrews for the effort and integrity he has shown in an effort to keep every Victorian safe from this insidious virus. Not even the nightly five second rants from the state opposition leader Michael O’Brien backed up by a very petulant Josh Frydenburg have deterred our premier from his efforts to protect one and all of his state’s citizens. Explainer: NSW Victorian cross border permit changes – your questions answered Each week one submission will win its author a $30 Coles voucher. All submissions must carry your name, as well as your full address and daytime phone number. We will publish the writer’s name and suburb/town. Submissions up to 350 words are preferred. We reserve the right to edit all contributions. Please send letters to or complete the digital form.

Your Say: Stop the slaughter – go vegetarian; COVID-19 restrictions tested | Bendigo Advertiser

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